It’s Monday and we are officially “detoxing” from our week at the beach. No more cocoa puffs, sleeping in(yes 7am is sleeping in) or cartoons. As we look back on the week, it’s… Continue reading


The Figgins family photo’s… Take 2… The cousins… Uncle Joe and Ashtyn… Hangin’ with daddy… Sweet sisterhood… Every year we put the kids through misery to try and capture a family photo. Here… Continue reading

A Much Needed Break

Tomorrow after Sunday worship we will be headed to Isle of Palms outside of Charleston, SC. As we are busy cleaning the house and packing up today part of me wonders if all… Continue reading

How We Named Our Blog

I have an amazing husband. He has the desire to always be learning and a deep love for good books. He’s always reading me pages from books and handing me articles. We did… Continue reading

True Fellowship

True fellowship does not result when we join others in flight from our own needs and loneliness.  We then join others as demanders and are soon disappointed when all of our needs are… Continue reading

Thoughts on the Inner City

Nihilism is to be understood here not as a philosophic doctrine that there are no rational grounds for legitimate standards or authority; it is, far more, the lived exprience of coping with a… Continue reading