Monday’s Musings

It is a weekly routine in our household for Kevin and I to sit down together on Sunday evenings, after our family grocery shopping outing and after the girl’s are in bed, to… Continue reading

More Than Just A Dress

When I look at these dresses, I’ll never forget the story behind them. A couple of weeks ago, I got the grand idea of asking a neighbor to sew my girls some dresses.… Continue reading

Baby Watch

Here we are again. Time for another baby watch. Today officially marks the start of my weekly visits. It’s exciting because it means baby Ellie’s birth is drawing near, but this is often… Continue reading

Power In 3 Minutes

My days are often busy-even if the business means sitting on the floor with my girl’s and putting a puzzle together. There is always laundry to be done, food to be prepared and… Continue reading

The Art of Receiving

A lot of people I know have a very hard time receiving things from others (love, money, food, encouragement).  Most of us have never been taught how to let something be done to… Continue reading

Dwelling Redemptively

In the midst of daily living it is important to remember that we are being used by God in everything that we do especially where we live.  As we prepared the nursery for… Continue reading

Real Simple – Figgins’ Style

We are big fan’s of the “Real Simple” magazine, thanks to a sweet friend who gave it to us as a gift. Since we are on the subject of Fall, here are a… Continue reading

Happy Fall!

Today is the first official day of Fall. I love the Fall. Growing up in New York, Fall meant cool, crisp mornings and the vibrant colors of changing leaves, not to mention hikes… Continue reading

The Land Where Shackles Turn To Diamonds

I’m thankful for music. It has often lifted my spirit out of the slumps and almost always points me back to Jesus. Today my cd of choice for the car ride was Caedmon’s… Continue reading

Baby Watch

You might be seeing several of these baby watches in the coming weeks. I’m just about down to only 6 weeks to go (give or take, hopefully take). It’s hard to believe. Or… Continue reading