On Enemies and the Gospel

In our youth, we think we are untouchable. Nothing can stop us. Our dreams are big and our hopes are a slew of bright stars within in our reach. And then something happens… Continue reading

Closing Winter

As winter comes to a close, we are thankful to have had a couple of different snowfalls here where the kids got to sled and eat snow cream. I love the stillness and… Continue reading

Little guy is 3

Last month we celebrated Malachi’s 3rd birthday. I can hardly believe we no longer have any children in diapers. It’s a strange feeling to not have a baby around. I am thankful for… Continue reading

And another birthday!

3 days after Christmas, we have the joy of celebrating Jadas birthday. This year, she turned 8. How can that be?? Such a fun, humorous, gentle, tender young girl she is becoming. She’s… Continue reading

Christmas and in between

We enjoyed a nice respite over Christmas – And are so thankful for our family and friends both in our new home and old! God is so kind to cover us with His… Continue reading

And she’s 10

10 years. 10 years ago our little girl made us parents – we were thrown into a whole new, scary-exciting world. Merely just out of college, we fell in love with this precious… Continue reading


This time of year is always full for us – lots of birthdays and holiday happenings and such. We were delighted to discover our neighbor is a zookeeper and she was so kind… Continue reading

The beautiful outdoors

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather and numerous beautiful hiking spots and parks with walking trails – so many around here and it’s been one of… Continue reading

Well-checks and other things

We are thankful to have found a pediatrician here. All 4 littles were past due for their check ups so, Figgins style, we booked all 4 of their appointments at one time. There… Continue reading

And she’s 5

Just like that and my baby girl is 5. Newborn to 5 seems like so much change. We are so thankful for these years that God has given to our sweet Elliana Joy.… Continue reading