Merry Christmas! (and Family Pictures 2014)

It seems fitting to get our pictures done in December when everyone turns a year older. We are thankful for a friend who has taken our pictures to capture the changes over the… Continue reading

We have a “Tween”…

  Well, we officially have a “tween” in the house! Not a little girl and not quite a teenager yet – those sweet in-between years. Well, let’s just be honest and say they… Continue reading

Christmas Traditions

  Only God can bequeath God to our children. But he uses means. He uses God-centered traditions and Bible-saturated family patterns and grace-laden heirlooms. Only God can give our children a taste for… Continue reading


Thee past few weeks have been filled with races. The girls completed their first 5k with their cross-country program and my dad and I (go Papa! It was his first ever 5k!) ran… Continue reading

Life in pictures…

                                                                 … Continue reading

A lesson in running…

This little family blog of ours has been around for many years now. Occasionally I will meander through back posts to remember what the past years were like, to see my joys and… Continue reading

Ellie is 6

Our dear Elliana Joy – you turned six today. Just like that. This morning you asked “Mama am I six now, like right NOW?” I reminded you that you said goodbye to five… Continue reading

As of late…

Fall is here and it’s been a wonderful break from the South Carolina heat which we are getting re-acclimated to. Our weeks are full with ballet and cross country and co-ops. The children… Continue reading

Modern Charlotte

Join me over here today? New things on the horizon. As the Lord would have it, local state homeschooling bi-laws (which are different from our previous state bi-laws), have required us to “log” our… Continue reading

The End Will Come

The car pulled up the long dirt road to her house. We rounded the corner and my eyes caught sight of that beautiful lake. A flood of memories washed over me. Riding bikes… Continue reading