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The Choice That Changed It All

A month ago, for the very last time, we walked down the very familiar three flights of stairs from the apartment building we lived in as a family of six for eighteen months. It… Continue reading

On Friendship…

  Friendship is, indeed, a precious gift to behold. It is also something that, to many, can hold memories of pain, scars and failed expectations. I can think back to my childhood and… Continue reading

My Commonplace Book (guest post by: Ashtyn Figgins)

    Hi! My name is Ashtyn Figgins and I’m twelve years old. My mom asked me if I would like to write a guest post on her blog, so here it is!… Continue reading

The Here and Now

“When our children are little, it’s easy to focus on the sleepless nights, the endless messes, the never-having-a-free-minute-to-call-our-own.  As they grow, those earlier trials give way to hectic schedules and constant chauffeuring, then… Continue reading

On Enemies and the Gospel

In our youth, we think we are untouchable. Nothing can stop us. Our dreams are big and our hopes are a slew of bright stars within in our reach. And then something happens… Continue reading

Follow Up

from the Natural Birth post, that is 🙂 Dear readers, thank you for all of your comments, texts and emails regarding this post. Goodness, I don’t want this quiet little blog to ever… Continue reading

Natural Birth

  The title of this post might spike your blood pressure seeing as though there seems to be a huge debate going on among Christians in particular about this topic. I’ve had friends… Continue reading

When Suffering Makes Sense (another Sunday pondering)

Sometimes our vision is blurred when we feel pain. When you are really sick, or have broken a bone or twisted an ankle, it’s difficult amidst the pain to perceive an end to… Continue reading

Sunday Ponderings

A common theme in my life as of late has been embracing Gods sovereignty. It’s easy to see God as sovereign when the sun is shining but the real test comes when the… Continue reading

Costumes and the Gospel

The kids, along with their cousins, headed over to a local trunk or treat for our neighborhood this year for Halloween. I stayed behind with poor little Jada who had the tummy bug… Continue reading