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The Choice That Changed It All

A month ago, for the very last time, we walked down the very familiar three flights of stairs from the apartment building we lived in as a family of six for eighteen months. It… Continue reading

On Martyrs and Body Image

The kids and I just finished a biography on Nate Saint. They begged me to finish the book tonight before bed, so I literally read for an hour and we finished the book… Continue reading


I don’t have as much time these days to write thoughtful posts though I will continue to strive to faithfully record our life’s memorable moments along the way, this being a journal of… Continue reading

Dare to Care (about what you wear)

    “Women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control.” 1 Timothy 2:9 Ever since I was a little girl (so I am told), I’ve always been a lover of… Continue reading

Weary World

  “A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices…” Ah, a weary world. Today, we experienced its’ weariness – handing a local prostitute a hot cup of coffee and a granola bar, witnessing… Continue reading

How To Raise Boys Who Read

Here is my first ever “boy” post in honor of baby Malachi. For all of you who have boys, it’s a great read! By THOMAS SPENCE When I was a young boy, America’s… Continue reading

Schedules Are For Serving

I’ve been making my way through Steve and Teri Maxwell’s “Manager’s of Their Homes” and have been challenged to think more biblically about the subject of routine and schedules. I’ve tended, until more… Continue reading

Nurture In Your Nature?

Mothering is at the essence of womanhood, writes Barbara Hughes,  author of Disciplines of a Godly Woman. It’s in our very nature, isn’t it? You can see it in the little girl who… Continue reading

More than just green beer?

Don’t get me wrong, we like a good can of beer every now and then but really, is this what we’ve boiled St. Patrick’s day down too? A glass of green beer? St.… Continue reading

If i had it all

If I had it all, I would be a mess. Because having it all, means leaving a Savior behind. “In all your music and dancing and wine and luxury, is there nothing?” (Charles… Continue reading