The Full Month of June

The month of June is always an exciting one with Kevin’s birthday, our anniversary and Father’s Day all packed in. We also added a fun event to the month this year upon Ashtyn’s request – a half birthday party! She has been asking to do this for a while and we said YES since her birthday is in December and an outdoor pool party is not an option. A fun time was had by all. She has such a sweet group of friends and they swam for hours and enjoyed milkshakes instead of cake upon her request. We also went strawberry picking in May with our close family friend whom we’ve adopted as an “Aunt.” Aunt JoAnn used to babysit me when I was in diapers and now she gets to be an Aunt to my children, how special!   


These two took swim lessons from our friends in Augusta
  We cooked together while the kids were at a friends house – a delicious meal of sea scallops, warm brussel sprouts and Proscuitto,mango chutney, roasted potatoes and bacon wrapped dates. I know – fancy!  

Blurry kid photography but 13 years for which we are thankful – the road has not always been easy but it is in the difficulties of life that real love blossoms.

MP had his very first dental cleaning – he surprised us by being so brave!   
I love this capture between the oldest and the youngest- so often they butt heads because they are so much alike and probably because of the age difference, but there are some sweet respites every once and a while – a sign of God’s beautiful grace.