Other Happenings

  Nature Trading post during co-op
Loving on chicks  


Littlest sis’ has been working hard on reading lately. Dr Seuss is her favorite right now.  

Sometimes th kids get a special stevia sweetened soda drink when I stop at a local health food store  


Meet Joseph, our new baby nephew. My baby brother is now a dad!

He loves soccer lately, and cleats

Swim buddies  – we love this family in our co-op


It’s tough being the youngest – sometimes you fall aslepp in your cleats.


Laundry help is soooo nice!  And a beautiful one at that.


The South Carolina State Museum is free for homeschooling familes – score! And very special friends to join us.

The kids came up with this for Memorial Day


Dear, treasured friends and mentors for over ten years and counting…


Riding lessons have become a sweet little respite for us all. Something about wide open spaces that speaks peace.