Catching up

I’ve been awfully quiet over here – mainly because I have had icloud issues and have been unable to get my pictures synced to my ipad. Looks like I’m back up and running. I figured out how to blog with my bluetooth keyboard from my phone. Amazing! I never knew I would live to see a day when technology was so advanced, but I’m thankful. It’s amazing how time just keeps on – like a quiet, unsuspecting friend that brings with it so many emotions. These kids are growing and changing so fast somtimes it takes my breath away. I never knew the love of a family could be so exhilierating and so painful all at the same time. I feel so inadequate to love and take care of all of the needs of these people but I’m floored at the gift they are to me and for the grace upon grace God gives me to do hard things.   


Back in the end of April, we got to take a trip to Isle of Palms – just the six of us. It was such a wonderfully relaxing time and we spent the days together enjoying the gift of family and relationships and us- just us. There were walks on the beach and sunsets, bikerides and icecream. It was lovely.