The Here and Now

“When our children are little, it’s easy to focus on the sleepless nights, the endless messes, the never-having-a-free-minute-to-call-our-own. 

As they grow, those earlier trials give way to hectic schedules and constant chauffeuring, then attitudes and hormones, then college tuition and car repairs, and then suddenly — in the blink of an eye — they’re grown and gone and you find yourself sitting in an empty house wishing for a do-over.

That’s why it is so important to focus not on the trials of each stage, but on the joys. Savor them, for they are fleeting. Tomorrow that chubby cheeked toddler who wakes you up three times a night will be married with children of his own.” (Jennifer Flanders)

Today, I’m reminded anew to relish this moment called a minute or a day. So many possibilities and unknowns lie ahead, but what is known is that moment we’ve already lived and the one that sits before us – that’s within our reach. It’s this moment that we sometimes forget to count as being the one we were looking to.
You know, those little conversations with a child creeping into her baby teen years asking about when her mama first started dating and liking boys. Or the one with the blossoming six year old little girl who says in that precious little voice “Mom! You know how God died on the cross?” “Well, if He didn’t die on the cross, we would have to die!” Yeah, those blunt, stark reminders of the much needed grace to cover the messes of the kids bickering, the boy child struggling with his pride, the pure failure of the mama who messed up again with the wrong words or the failed words or the angery outburst. 
The hope of great things lie on the horizon of coming days but there is beautiful mundane to be found this day in the waiting hope. Contentment to be had.
  These moments are the ones no one can take from me.
 They fill the space of time with gifts of joy.
The beautiful everyday….