Happy Birthday Malachi


To our son on your 4th birthday,

What a treasure you are! I could hardly believe it the day they announced that you were a boy. A BOY after 3 girls! Our life has never been the same since. You add such a zeal for life – it’s as if everything is more alive and more colorful through your eyes. You bring such a vibrant energy to our family, making everyday an adventure. You are constantly busy and active but also love to listen to stories with such solemn focus. Your little voice is so darling, I love to listen to,you talk. Your sisters frustrate you a lot (who needs 3 extra mothers, right?) but you love them so – always asking for them and of their whereabouts. You love to laugh – tickle wars with you are the best. You ask lots of questions and have such an eager desire to find out about the world in which we live. I have great dreams for you, my son, and pray over you while you sleep – that you will be a man of valor and courage one day, leading others in a humble love and fervor for the Lord. I don’t know the steps He will take you, but I know it’s going to be a grand adventure and I’ll be here cheering you on. Welcome to boyhood, little one. No longer a baby…we love you something fierce. Mama