And she’s 9!

To our Jada-Bug,

Nine years ago, we brought you home to our new apartment home – smack in the middle of a seminary-community in Louisville, Kentucky. Our little Kentucky-girl – you were the chubbiest baby weighing in at a little over eight pounds. You came into the world with a hearty scream – a fresh reminder to me of what it must have been like for Mary when she carried Jesus – as you were born just three days after Christmas. You loved to be held and would cry as soon as I put you down – you had an instant friend in your big sis’ who was still in diapers with you. Your personality shined even while you were a wee one – as I see now that you are sweetly sensitive to the world around you. You feel for others and are able to feel what they feel and display warm compassion. Your own heart explodes with the groans and joys of daily life. I just know God is going tou use you in a special way – you have an amazing patience and tolerance with babies and children younger than you and you so cheerfully share your belongings with your siblings and with others. Every night you get out of bed to say goodnight and tell us you love us “just one more time.” And this makes the prayer of my heart for you this year, that you would know that great love you long for and long to show others is found in the perfect love of Christ. This world will bring hurt – but the love of Christ is bigger than any joy or hurt you can experience. He longs for YOU, dear one – to prove His great love to you. May your life be lived in response to the amazing truth that you are deeply loved by so many, but namely Christ. Happy 9th birthday!