Ellie is 6

Our dear Elliana Joy – you turned six today. Just like that. This morning you asked “Mama am I six now, like right NOW?” I reminded you that you said goodbye to five forever and now you were six. “Well, this doesn’t feel like 6!” You bring joy to us through your inquisitive, honest remarks about life and even though you are the youngest of your sisters, you are amazingly brave and courageous. Today at the zoo, you wanted to go on the high ropes course. And you did. Lately, you’ve wanted to stay close to my side – especially in our little homeschool co-op which is big and sort of intimidating to a kindergartener like yourself. But I’ll take it. It won’t be forever that you are here by my side – holding my hand…..sitting in my lap. You are creative, bright, you love math and numbers, you play for hours in your amazing world of imagination. You are so content with varying circumstances and it doesn’t take much to make you happy. You are quiet and a bit mysterious. You love your sisters and brother. You love pink and all things girly and I’m pretty sure you inherited my love for shoes! You love spending time with daddy and going out – just him and you. We could never imagine life without our Ellie. Every night, I pray over you, sweet one, that God would make you an aroma of JOY to this world – that He would make something great of your life and that you would never forget how very deeply He loves you. Happy birthday precious one!