As of late…

Fall is here and it’s been a wonderful break from the South Carolina heat which we are getting re-acclimated to. Our weeks are full with ballet and cross country and co-ops. The children are all growing and about to be another year old. Birthday season in the Figg’s household is upon us. This time of year is always so bitter-sweet, remembering how much they have grown over the past year, how God has led us as a family and how we all look with hope to the future year. Enjoy the pictures of this full, blessed life we are living…




This girl loves books – she’s researching Ancient Egypt – our time period for school this year. 




Sugar-cube pyramids


Family afternoon at a park 



We happened upon this cross in the water – sweet reminder of the Gospel




Super cool mushroom the kids found 


Dress-up fun

It’s been fun  (and exhausting!) teaching 16 little ballerinas!


Mimi came for a visit to the zoo




Another fun park



Loves his big sis




Selfie with mom


Fun run with a friend from Atlanta




Big sis made a doll house for littlest sis’


Field trip with old friends and new!