The Journey Forward

The start of this hot month of August marked a new beginning for us. If you know us and the wildly adventurous story God has been writing in our lives, you know we have been apart of a lot of new beginnings. It’s been a steady pattern in our life. A sort of rhythm. As we watched many others put their roots down deep in the soil, we had the privilege of planting seeds in various places for 12 years. It was amidst these years that we toiled in sunshine and rain – barren land and plenteous.  One summer evening as we were meeting with some dear, wise friends who have known us and counseled us for the past 10 years – their glimmering  crowns of silver hair atop their heads, they listened intently as they always did as we recounted the various seeds the Lord had graciously planted through our years of ministry. They looked at us in their ever-loving, gentle way, and in similar words, said, “It seems like this has been a beautiful pattern in your lives, we believe God is calling you to this next thing. You need to follow Him.” We sat for a moment with an oddly terrifying but joyful excitement welling up within as The Lord used that moment to affirm the heart-desire we didn’t even know was deep within over the past year. We had convinced ourselves in prior months that God was done asking us to be apart of new things. We were done asking people to be apart of our team. We were ready to trade those years in for something easier – if ministry could ever be “easy.” Some say God has a sense of humor, I think He laughed right then and there.


“The most glorious reason you exist is for the proclamation of the glory of God to the ends of the world. And it’s more than having a nice life.” (David Platt)


                 We hugged our precious friends goodbye, knowing that this would be the end of our regular time together with them. We would walk forward with courage, again, to a new place and a new people because we were reminded that night that there is much more to this world than having a nice life. We exist for something deeper. And for the Figgins family, this meant being willing AGAIN to take our Lord by His hand and journey on.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that we did – and that so many of YOU decided to stay on the journey with us. We now walk the soil of Lexington, South Carolina learning the culture, meeting the people and experiencing the play-ground of this mini-city that lies on the outskirts of Columbia – the very place God called us to each other, called us into full-time vocational ministry and brought forth our first-born child. Full circle. How fitting that He would call us to return to our roots – where all of our desires to spread our wings and take flight were thrust right into this world. It is an honor and a privilege that He would use us to start yet another new seedling and, Lord willing, stay to see it grow and spread its’ roots and bring forth abundant fruit. We follow our Lord who promises to lead us to plant a church for the proclamation of the glory of God to the ends of the world.

And so, a new volume in the series God is writing in our lives has begun. We journey on. We know there will be immense joy and rejoicing. We know there will be deep hardships, and blood and sweat and tears. But we also know that God is ever at our side and if He is for us, who can stand against us?

Blessed be he name of The Lord. We journey on!