Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2014

I was on my own with the kids for a week over Mother’s Day while pastor-husband was away on a retreat. It was so sweet to see the older girls take initiative and come down on Mother’s Day to bring me gifts and cuddle in bed with me. The whole week went really well, though I’m always thankful for my man who serves us so well that we feel it when he is away.




We had the joy of celebrating Kevin’s birthday and Father’s Day all in the same weekend. He is such a gift and blessing to us – the way he courageously yet humbly leads our family. He loves me and the children dearly, we feel so thankful.



And, of course, I am so grateful for my own mother and father….for my mother who nurtured us while we were young and for my father who faithfully provided and also led me to Christ at a wee age…