On Martyrs and Body Image

The kids and I just finished a biography on Nate Saint. They begged me to finish the book tonight before bed, so I literally read for an hour and we finished the book trying to choke back the tears. These missionary’s lives were beautiful. And the wives of these 5 men….how often do we give thought to the fact that there were 9 little children (1 baby in the womb) who were left on the mission field without daddies….their widow moms trying to cling to a faith that their husbands had layed their lives down for. These women’s lives kept going, they had to get up and feed crying babies in the middle of the night while weeping at the reality of the lives that lay before them without their men by their sides. This video interview of the surviving women is simply beautiful. These women….and their faith. It really puts life into perspective. And on a completely different note, I listened to these wise words today by John Piper about dieting, Botox, plastic surgery and body image – a fresh reminder that our outward appearance is so unimportant compared to God getting the glory when people look at us. Oh, what a culture we have to battle against!