Teach them to pray

Children need to be taught to pray. We need to be taught to pray. What a privilege and a heavy responsibility we we have to model a praying life to our children. I, being introverted, tend to go off in a quiet room too many times or run to my prayer journal to pray – not bad ideas, necessarily – and even so e times needed but sometimes when I ask the children to pray, and they struggle with how or quickly blurt out the same sentence every time, I realize that, perhaps, it is because I don’t pray out loud more- together as a family and over them with spoken words that have the power to water like rain. We live by grace and so realize that “doing more” or “better” isn’t the answer to our kids spirituality but I have been convicted, however, that since these little people are my disciples, I must choose to be more open with them about something so intimate as my prayer life. Thank goodness, though, that it doesn’t all depend on me and that we serve a God who gently leads amidst our shortcomings.

Recently, my mom asked me to send her a recording of each of the children praying for her bible study who is learning about what it means to have faith like a child. It was so sweet to do this and to have their precious, tender voices recorded as well as to somehow “pause” this fleeting time that can feel overwhelming at times. I pray that as my own prayer life grows, (And thankful for a husband who leads us in this), that I will see them bear fruit in this area as well.

Malachi’s prayer

Ellie’s prayer

Jada’s prayer

Ashtyn’s prayer