School days

Another new school year is upon us. This year, to be honest, is the first year homeschooling has felt less-than-glamorous for me – to put it nicely. Breathe. With the Lord’s help, we’ve braved another season of major transition and oddly – schooling the children felt like the only normalcy to life. So I began in the summer and we took a break through the transition of moving, and are back at it. The biggest challenge this year is what to do with a full-of-life 2 year old little boy? I often feel as though he gets neglected when I’m schooling 3 different grades this year. Where is my live-in nanny when I need her? 🙂 Nonetheless, I am thankful for this opportunity to be home with these dear ones. It’s a rarity these days and almost a luxury. God is good.