Fair-well Land of Between

“Land of Between.” It’s been my life for the past seventeen months. Our lives, I should say. Really, I’m pretty sure it’s been our lives for the past eleven years I said “I do” to my man. I had no idea what those words that tumbled out of my mouth would mean. I never knew where my feet would go. Had no dreams in my heart of the precious little people I would birth and those new relationships with them that God would cultivate in me. In us. This Land of Between has been a journey of its’ own. It’s brought me to hills I never thought I would experience – tasting and seeing the kindness of others, seeing the super-natural ways God provides for his people, learning a faith I could never even have dreamed of mustering up on my own. It’s brought me to valleys – the kind where you’re not sure you’ll ever get out – where the darkness blinds you and you wonder if anyone’s there – if HE’S there. It’s brought us to a place of peace and solace – to really hold fast to what it means that “nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.” For its been that very love that has washed over our fearful, pensive hearts. It’s been that love that has lifted us to find hope in the hopeless. It’s taught our children to suffer and to find Jesus there. It’s taught our marriage to abide. It’s taught our faith that it’s real – that, when the Lord gives and when He takes, His name will be blessed. And we will either bless it with Him, or leave it all behind as rubbish. And here we are on our journey out…to another land. Another time. Another adventure. There are no promises for this next journey other than that God is faithful and He will never cease being who He has always been. We walk with open hands. So, farewell Land of Between….

We are thankful – and especially thankful to my folks who have showed such love and generosity to us as we have lived in their home during this time. They’ve been patient as their dining room became a make-shift schoolroom, their closets and spare spaces over-taken with books and toys, their pantry invaded by little hands, they floors dirtied and kitchen made a mess of and constant little people chatter from morning until night- and never complained once- at least to us! 🙂 What special memories we’ve made!

Below are some picture-memories of our journey through this in-between time.