Uganda and other things…

A couple of weeks back, we hosted 2 children and one adult from the Watoto Children’s Choir. Our church hosted one of their choir performances (which was incredible!), These children are orphans who have been welcomed into a loving community and are thriving beautifully back in their beautiful homeland of Uganda, East Africa. It was a privilege to have them in our home for a short time and our girls had so much fun playing with them. We all sent them off with goodbye hugs feeling as though WE had been the ones to receive the greatest blessing. Isn’t that usually the case? It’s so refreshing to open our eyes to the greater work that God is doing in and among the world, not just here in our own little “world.”  On a different note, Ashtyn just recently baked her very first batch of muffins from scratch to finish! Some super sweet friends of ours mailed her her very first cookbook and she went to work. We all bit into one of her creations only to find that everyone was frowning….she had used baking soda instead of baking powder because we were out of the powder. Needless to say, it didn’t work! But Ashtyn proudly ate 2 muffins because she made them herself….and later admitted to the fact that she didn’t like them 🙂 Anyway…she has taken off in the kitchen and is such a big help. One night, she made dinner and cleaned and washed all of the dinner dishes! Her sisters are catching on as well…And the last pictures are just precious to me – of all 4 kiddos in our bed (we sleep in a full sized bed which is NOT big!) There was a big storm a while back and they crashed with us until it passed…Life around here is such a blessing. When I stand back and watch all that the Lord has done and is doing, I am so grateful…


IMG_6818 These girls – all of them- are so gorgeous.


“Auntie S” had never had a starbucks drink before, so of course my coffee loving husband rushed out to startbucks to pick her up a frappacino. She loved it and Malachi did too!

IMG_6807 They had never ridden on a bike before…here is Ashtyn “teaching” “B”


Off she goes!




Poor Ellie got left out of the picture – she was off in her own world in the backyard playing and none of us realized it. Ooops!


She is growing up and so beautiful…


Pretending to sleep during the storm


Love these kids!!