Happy Birthday Jada Love!





7 years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful eight-pound three ounce baby right smack in the middle of our seminary years in Louisville, Kentucky. I sat in the hospital with a precious new bundle while my husband and mom were home throwing up back at home. 🙂 I remember the nurses’ sympathetic looks at the young girl who was all alone – “probably a single mom, poor thing” look while I held my new baby praying that I, too wouldn’t get the stomach funk. The day I came home from the hospital was the day we moved into a new apartment in the frigid Lousiville winter air. And this little girl – Jada LOVE brought us a sense of hope and happiness amidst the craziness life sometimes brings. During those months of having a newborn, pastor-husband would get up at 3 am to deliver newspapers….Oh the stories could go on and on! I remember lugging an infant carrier and a 24 month old up and down our huge flight of stairs to our second story apartment by myself – with groceries! I also remember the months with a sweet new baby spent in our cozy little 800 sq. foot apartment while the snow fell outside – feeling full to the brim with my mama-love for these 2 little girls God blessed us with. Jada was the baby who did not like to be put down. Every time I would get her to sleep and lay her down, she would start screaming. She was born screaming. I think the love that oozed from her personality poured out into her need to be held and rocked and near to me all hours of the day. Now, 7 years later – it’s no surprise 🙂 Jada is a tiny bundle of immense love for others. She still climbs up onto our laps to cuddle and loves to have her back rubbed. She’s sensitive to the world around her –  aware of its’ cruelty while embracing its’ beauty without reservation. She is always looking out for others and her nurturing nature is such a blessing to us all. We can’t wait to watch this beautiful, petite, loving little girl blossom into something wonderful. We love you Jada Love!