Follow Up

from the Natural Birth post, that is 🙂 Dear readers, thank you for all of your comments, texts and emails regarding this post. Goodness, I don’t want this quiet little blog to ever become grounds for us all to be divided or lose our love for one another  as we think things through, though I do realize (from the wise husband-encouragement) that part of the “blogging world” is a natural given in that you open yourselves up to the public opinions of others. I’m ok with that so long as we seek to “avoid foolish controversies” as a friend stated and stick to the purpose- which I will say one more time (and is what I believe the Femina gals were trying to communicate) that we as Christian women should find gratitude in our hearts for the many birthing options we have in these times we live in and we should not judge what our other sister’s choose nor should we hold “our way” as the only way – this goes for whatever belief you favor.

For whatever reason, I felt led to post the article from the December 13th post, mostly because myself and many of my readers are of “child-bearing” age and I always, always think of my precious girls and how one day they may peruse these writings and find something the Lord might use in their lives.

I, perhaps, should have mentioned that the orginal post over at Femina, was written in response to their mother, Nancy Wilson’s, post entitled “Mom-Zilla” which might help to put the original post I referenced in better context. Mrs. Wilson finishes it up with these words:

Gratitude is always a good antidote to fussing. Thank God that we have options about where and how to give birth. Thank God that we have different preferences. Thank God that our babies have a much better survival rate than at any other time in history!

It seems obvious that childbirth should be about the baby. But so often it seems as though it’s more about mom and her experience of birthing baby than about the baby itself.

Children are a gift of God, a reward, a blessing. Let’s have less fussing at one another about how the gift arrives, and more rejoicing over the fact of the blessing!

Whether the Lord leads you to experience a natural birth or one that utilizes the tools of modern medicine, may you and I reflect the love, humility and beautiful grace of our Lord together, as sisters in Christ.

(and might I humbly add that there are real, living heroes among us – those women who long for children and desperately desire for their womb to bear life – They fight for joy every day. I have several of these dear friends in my life. We musn’t forget that these childbirth opinions  really aren’t the all-important matters in the “big picture” of life anyway.  Let us find gratitude. Eucharisteo. )