Sunday Ponderings

A common theme in my life as of late has been embracing Gods sovereignty. It’s easy to see God as sovereign when the sun is shining but the real test comes when the weather storms and the clouds blow in. For me, those are the times when I struggle to embrace that, though God’s providence sometimes be frowning and bitter, behind it He hides a smiling face and is purposing on my behalf, for my good and happiness and for His greater glory.

If you get 30 minutes, this sermon has worked beautiful fruit in my life, and I know it will in yours too as it takes a closer look at the life of Naomi and Ruth who tasted God’s bitter sweet providence and teaches us how to live as women of great faith.

“If you feel like Gods hand has crashed down on you, the message of the book of Ruth is try and stay alert to the little rays of light that show the Lord is plotting for your glory in the hardest of times.” – John Piper

I’m so thankful for rays of light…( and for so many more that these pictures don’t show!)