Thanksgiving Table


ciao! newport beach: Thanksgiving Tables

The kids and I have been singing Thanksgiving hymns around here lately, listening to praise songs, reading poetry on thanks and grace from our faithful Lord and etching famous quotes on paper from those that have faithfully gone before us. We’ve recited the scriptures of thanks in our hearts together and recalled so many things we are grateful for. And this year, we will again dine with family and friends. All of us, sinners. All of us in equal need of grace with our share of differences. It is no coincidence though that we all, together, share a beautiful heritage from the same God – the same Jehovah who is writing unseen stories in the lives of all of us messy people.

As so many of us here in America prepare to sit down at the Thanksgiving table in just a couple of days, may it truly be graced with a feast of forgetful rememberance.


Remember your Egypt. Remember your bondage to sin. Remember your path to freedom. Rememberthe deeds of the Lord, ponder his works, meditate on his mighty deeds. Like your Heavenly Father, remember mercy and set aside wrath. Not all at your table have tasted freedom.

Forget your Egypt. Forget the sins you loved more than your freedom. Forget the offenses of others against you. Forget to be angry, defensive, hurt, crippled by that which has come before. Forget as your sins have been forgotten. Not all at your table are capable of asking for mercy. Ladle it with liberality anyway.

What gratitude would flow from this exercise? What thanksgiving?  For those who have dined on the sacred, the Thanksgiving table becomes a feast of forgetful remembrance.  For forgetful remembrance is grace – the taste of a homecoming remembered, the foretaste of a homecoming yet to come. On Thanksgiving years from now when our grandchildren gather to serve this most familiar of meals, may the table still be laid with the flavors of homecoming – may we still be serving the very grace that was served for us, in which all true thankfulness finds its source.  –Jennifer Wilkin