Costumes and the Gospel

The kids, along with their cousins, headed over to a local trunk or treat for our neighborhood this year for Halloween. I stayed behind with poor little Jada who had the tummy bug and had fun passing out candy to the neighborhood kids who knocked on the door. As we were outside taking pictures, our neighbor started chatting with us. We’ve had an on-going relationship with her and have always prayed for Gospel relationships, which we’ve had in the past with her. She asked us quite bluntly, “So…do you only pass out tracks on Halloween?” We sort of chuckled and said, “Why, no, we take our kids to get candy and hand out candy to the ones who come to our house. Why do you ask?” She went on, “Well, my dad made me stay home when I was a kid. I wasn’t allowed to dress up or eat candy and he made me pass out tracks to everyone. We didn’t give them candy, just tracks. He was a horrible father.” Wow. It was sort of sad to see her past painted with such legalism. But we were able to share with her why we don’t do that and I think she was pleasantly surprised-  that perhaps there are Christians out there who don’t live by rules and regulations alone without the Gospel and without grace.  We pray that a Gospel seed was planted in her bitter heart.

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