Sunday Ponderings


“We should not wait for our feelings to catch up to our need to forgive. They may never catch up.” Aaron Sironi


If you walk with Jesus long enough, forgiveness will be something you will inevitably have to do. Not the “easy” or simple kind of forgiveness, but the gut-wrenching kind, where evil seems to have gained victory and your forgiveness is the key to true peace in walking the rest of this journey in life with joy. Where that forgiveness is found comes from having been forgiven much ourselves. For it is true, that the greatest depth of sin lies within our own hearts and though we may be wronged in deep, harsh ways, it is necessary to lift our eyes to the One who became sin for us, remembering that it was He who took our sin.

Man of sorrows, what a name. For the Son of God, who came. Ruined sinners to reclaim. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Walking the hard road of forgiveness has not always been easy for me. It wasn’t until I learned that waiting on my feelings to change, might mean I would wait forever. Forgiveness can be pain-stakingly hard when those you are forgiving walk arrogantly in pride and foolish ways. It can be devastating when there is no true repentance coming from those that you are seeking to forgive. No sign of redemption is a great loss.

Nevertheless, we can forgive because Christ has forgiven us first. With the choice to forgive comes great freedom,peace and blessing.

For you too, friend- may you have the courage to face the hard place of forgiving that someone , making the choice over the feelings and trusting our great God who is bigger than our feelings. May you know the JOY that forgiving brings…