She’s 4


Our sweet Elliana Joy celebrated her 4th birthday on October 24th with a simple picnic and cupcakes at a local park. One of the things I love about Ellie is her contented nature. It doesn’t take a lot to make her happy. And this little party was a sweet reflection of that. She’s such a delight to us, so inquisitive and bright, plays for hours in her own little world, is often found humming and singing and is very curious. She’s precious and one of my favorite times with her is lying in her bed with her at night and watching her eye lids fall heavy as she snuggles with her blankets and stuffed animals. I love stroking her silky-fine hair and hugging her little squishy body. Her little nose wrinkles when she laughs and her sweet little voice brings joy to an ordinary day. We are thankful for this little one and pray that she never knows a day that she doesn’t know and love Jesus.



At her 2nd birthday…


IMG_6344 4th Birthday!!




IMG_6348 These little guys were born within weeks of eachother and have grown up together…


IMG_6365 And the 3 of us that where pregnant together, had baby showers together and are now enjoying not being pregnant together 🙂


She had lots of help opening gifts!



Ice Cream cone cupcakes (her request)



4 year old play













IMG_6341 Happy Birthday Sweet Ellie-girl!