Ellie gets a “new” bed

Little Ellie has been sleeping on a trundle bed ‘neath the big girls bunk bed for a while now and since the girls have been begging us to take apart their bunkbeds, we decided to graduate Ellie to a “real” bed AKA Uncle Joe-Joe’s “vintage” childhood bed 🙂 The grandparents graciously gave us this sweet old bed to use for Ellie and so I went to work sanding and painting it and Kev got some new slats made for it and we went off to Target to get her a new quilt from the same line that the older girls quilts are from. Their room has become quite charming over time and they are 3 happy girls…


“old” bed frame (doesn’t Ellie look so grown here?)


close-up of the vintage-ness 🙂

IMG_6140 After!


New quilt and fresh coat of paint




These sweet little birds made by a friend finally flew out of Malachi’s nursery and found a new home in the girl’s room 🙂


Reminder for all 3 little girls that we pray will take root in their hearts


This picture hung in my childhood home up in New York and I love the way it ties in with their room


Pastor-husband worked very hard building and painting this doll house that is played with nearly every day.


I won these bird paintings…there is one for each girl with her initials on them and the sweet, antique dresser was gifted to us by some friends who sold all their belongings for a call to the mission field.


I free-handed this whimsical tree which I love even more now that their beds are set up next to each other. So thankful for sisters that love sharing a room with eachother!