Vintage ads

I don’t have as much time these days to write thoughtful posts though I will continue to strive to faithfully record our life’s memorable moments along the way, this being a journal of sorts. But I am thankful for the Spirit and how He whispers(and sometimes shouts!) to me amidst life’s business. I was working out at the gym the other day – earplugs in, listening to some motivational work-out music (we had the joy of seeing this guy live here in town and it was awesome!). Some words in particular from a song called “Fantasy” seemed to jump out at me. I actually stopped to replay what I had just heard:

you think you want that life, don’t you?
See you’re that fine dame all the brothers droolin’ over
But you should know your beauty will be movin’ over
When He cracks the sky like a supernova, to expose us

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not the fine dame that brothers are drooling over, but that beauty part – where he says you should know your beauty will be moving over when He cracks the sky – to expose us. Wow. All of the effort that Christian women put into their physical beauty and their bodies – all of the time excercising, eye-brow plucking, mirror-checking, magazine scrupulizing – for all of that, it’s not going to matter the day our glorious Lord cracks the sky to expose us. Then, what is in our hearts will be all that matters. Not the size of your jeans or the endless comments and conversations women like to have about their bodies and diets.

My heart immediately goes to my 3 precious daughters – this is the culture they are growing up in. In the world of starve-yourself, 5 foot 11 body frames in size 0’s. This is their world and all eyes are on them. How is it that our culture has so drastically changed from the 1930’s and 40’s ads that made claims that sounded completely comical to our 2012 ears: “Add 5lb of solid flesh in a week!” “Since I gained 10lb…I have all the dates I want!” ?

And I know it starts with me. How do I portray to them and to a watching world – even amidst the competition in the Church and surrounding people of our own Christian faith, how do I portray a woman who esteems a heart that is purely devoted to her Lord – yes, being mindful to care for this temple of a body, but pushing their focus and their hope on Christ who will crack the heavens and examine not their weight or their body shape , but a glorious Savior and whether or not their life(my life!) reflected His glory.

Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory… Psalm 115:1