We are settling in to our little school routine around here. I continue to be thankful for the stability and beauty of the Charlotte Mason method. It is like a balm to the soul. And while things around us seem ever-changing, this philisophy of education proves to interest, inspire and awaken our spirits through the beauty of art and poetry and composers and nature…



Nature study as a subject is one which should be approached with great reverence, for in dealing with birds, animals, flower and all other forms of natural life, we are perhaps, nearer to the Creator than in any other branch of science; for the natural world is the expression of God’s personality in a form that is within the reach of all of us to comprehend in some measure. And is not the natural world one of the greatest proofs that there is a God?” PNEU article, Dowton




I am persuaded that I am most happy when I recognize and savor the magnificence of God in every sphere of life, and I mean EVERY sphere of life; and when I am finding my happiness in God, then I am glorifying Him. This is why I breathe — and this is why I have chosen to teach my children in the way that I do. If my children grow up to know the glory and wisdom of God, but take no delight in Him, then I will have failed in my mission, for they have not learned to glorify Him; they have not learned the meaning of their existence. –Linda Johnson