Another School Year Is Upon Us


Today marked the beginning of another school year for us and my 4th year homeschooling. I feel tremendous gratitude that the Lord has allowed me this great privilege of being home with my children and being able to watch them learn. We are embracing a new co-op this year called “Classical Conversations” and are looking forward to adding this to our Charlotte Mason philosophy of educating. We’ve asked the Lord to help us to know what that means for our family and today was such a kind gift from Him in affirming what we are doing. I awoke at an unusually early hour this morning, feeling rested and unable to go back to sleep. I was able to get a good bit of quiet and time with the Lord which was so special and He has truly carried us through the first day of school. I always fear it, for some reason, but this year out of all of them so far has made me so thankful for routine and the way in which it can serve a family. More work for me, but totally worth it. I’m sure we will have many a challenging day ahead of us, but today was such a sweet gift, and for that I’m thankful!