18 Months


I can hardly believe our baby is 18 months! Time goes so quick, it makes me want to cry, but it’s all mixed with other strange emotions such as feeling joy and excitement at what all these little blessings will become, wondering what God has for them and for our family over the months and years all while trying to live in the “now.” I want to bottle up every moment and put time on hold but I also look forward to watching these little personalities blossom and become independent…intense feelings of joy and sadness all in one. No one ever told me the love of a parent would be such a desperate and joyous feeling simultaneously. Life really is a gift, and a gift of grace that God allows me to live receiving thousands of gifts a day in these little people He has put in my life. Yes, buddy boy is 18 months now and he is busy! He climbs, throws balls, watches cars and trucks go by without tiring, loves to giggle and be chased, wants to read book after book, always has to have a snack in hand, has been known to get out the toilet cleaning brush on several occasions and has the cutest little “tank-dooooo!” (thank you)  you have ever heard. Every night, I watch him sleep so sweetly in his crib and pray that he will be a mighty man one day – fierce and brave to face the great enemy of this world, never shrinking back, always trusting….bringing peace to a world racked with chaos. Malachi – we love you so!