Diving into Summer


These last few weeks have been busy. The girls had swimming lessons and several camps and though its been fun, we sure are glad this isn’t our everyday life!Life is full around here and we are thankful.


IMG_5480 Kevin and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Savannah for a few days….we didn’t get many pictures but it was a wonderful time of quiet, eating out and strolling the streets of historic Savannah. We got stuck in a rain shower and sat on the steps of Independent Pres. after hanging out in their bookshop (this is what the pastor-husband loves to do!)

IMG_5486 Thankful for 10 years together


we also spent lots of time with Ellie’s sweet little friend before they moved. It was sad to lose such good neighbor friends but we are excited for what God has for them in this next chapter.



IMG_5530 Seriously, can it get any cuter!?!



These two headed off to our church’s catechism camp for a week and had a blast. So thankful for a fun opportunity for them to learn the truths of the reformed faith.

IMG_5540 i had fun planting 4 different window boxes with some beautiful flowers from our local market to put on our rooftop balcony. They were so pretty, that we couldn’t keep all 4 up top and have since moved some to our lower deck.


Love this sweet little spot off of our bedroom…


Last, but perhaps most fun, is sending 3 little girls to Nutcracker ballet camp! This little one started her week first with another neighbor friend and boy did she love it!

IMG_5524 we even managed to get a little bun in her hair for the first time, with lots of help from bobby pins!

IMG_5525 Pure cuteness.






she might have been one of the littlest at camp, but boy did she keep up!




IMG_5614 And these two with their sweet neighbor friend.









My parents surprised Ashtyn with a plane ticket to go with them for a week in July to visit her great-grandmother in Maine. In her words, “Mama! This is a dream come true!” Ashtyn has developed a pen-pal bond with my grandmother and she can’t believe she actually gets to go meet her since she was too young to remember meeting her. It will be so hard to have her gone for a whole week, but we are so happy for her. She’s getting so grown up…





Speaking of grown up, Ashtyn has been reading like a champ this summer, along with her little sis’ Jada, who has also begun to take off in her reading. She has read all of the American girl books, has been working on the Little House in the Prairie series and just finished her first Harry Potter book. How fun to watch her little mind expand through the world of books.