Mother’s Day 2012


This mother’s day, I was especially grateful for the gifts that each of my children are. I remember when I was a new mom thinking that I “deserved” this or that on Mother’s Day – that I was some sort of hero who sacrificed getting a shower every day or going out for a run whenever I wanted to. As I made my usual rounds to check on and pray for the kids before laying my head on the pillow, I was reminded of the great gift they are to me. It’s not about me or how “great” I am at being a Mother and it’s not even about how many my failures or shortcomings may be. Motherhood is a great gift, and instead of my children or family “owing” me something,  I have much gratitude that I owe to God for allowing me to walk such a road. This year, I’m especially grateful for my own sacrificial and generous mom. In many ways, motherhood has seemed so natural to me (though not to be mistaken for easy!) and I know it’s because I was mothered with great care and love. I love you mom!