I love my job



           (Pastor Jada at her podium)


Yes, there are many days when my “job” of wife and mother is downright hard. But – the joys really do outweigh those times. Today – I couldn’t help but smile when I was trying to quickly get some work done at the computer and overheard the 2 littlest girls pretending to have a worship service in the school room singing “Hallelujah!” at the top of their lungs. I snapped a quick picture and went to check on the laundry and found a little book our 8 year old-creative made earlier in the day that read:


Chapter 1: God is good. God is great. He love’s us! He’ll come back! He loved us first! We should love Him back. What a God we have! We should read the Bible every day and pray to Him.

Chapter 2: We learn about Him. every day. At least we should. God loves people more than animals. Like I have a hamster and I treat my sisters better than my hamster but I still like my hamster. I just can’t stop loving God! Oh God, you are my God. On Sunday’s, I get my bag and I put my Bible in it. You can try it too.

Chapter 3: My mom says that women can’t be a police.


Boy did I laugh! And I was encouraged too – that out of the mouth’s of babe’s come praise. And hilarious things too….

In the meantime, we will be working on spelling, punctuation and Biblical womanhood so there is no confusion as to who should be police officers and protectors.  🙂