Mountain Air


This past weekend, I headed to the Asheville mountains along with 8 other women- several of whom I have shared a friendship with over many years. Our family has been enduring some trials right now, and this was some much needed time away. Seeing as I found out the day before we left that I was going on this trip, I admit – I wasn’t so sure how my introverted self would do with a group of women so “big” (for me anyway 🙂 )   Though I was tired from all the chatting and staying up late, it ended up being such a blessing to be around other like-minded women who love the Lord. I had some really sweet and encouraging conversations with my running and hiking buddy and so many other belly-laughing, good-for-the-soul conversational times, shopping, hiking and eating out with the ladies as well. The Lord has been so faithful to meet the needs of our family through these challenging times of walking the road of forgiveness and a deeper trust in our great Lord. And….I could not let this post come to an end without a HUGE thank you to my amazing pastor-husband for keeping all 4 kids with no outside help! He braved the entire weekend on his own and I swear he does a better job with them than I do. He even got them dressed, hair braded and off to church on Sunday morning (*ahem with only one minor wardrobe malfunction – backwards overalls on the little guy!). Seriously, he is amazing. I’m so glad we get to walk through all of life together…












(thank you Ellen for the pictures!)