Multitude Monday

holy experience

It’s been a while since I last posted the regular gratitude to help roll in Monday mornings. August 16, 2011 to be exact. The gratitude hasn’t stopped, I’ve been stumbling and tripping but, none-the-less, steadily plodding forward in teaching this stubborn heart to count the gifts. To see all as grace – good and bad. (if you haven’t happened upon one ordinary woman’s daily ponderings, you are missing a real source of encouragement. I think the whole world might now know of her now 🙂 but over the years, she has been a mentor to me, and probably thousands more, and doesn’t even know it.)

Boy, is this life filled with a roller-coaster of emotions and happenings, but to fail to count each one as a gift from the Lord, would be a regret. This life I walk as daughter of The King, pastor’s wife and chef, baker, house-cleaner, laundry do-er, counselor, teacher, coach, mentor, shepherdess, disciplinarian, cheer-leader, doctor, friend, nurse (I know I’m missing many more?), this life I walk would be just another life lived if the gifts weren’t accounted for. Because, really, who am I? Ah, for a deeper heart of gratitude…

*773. walking toward those hard-to-love people

*774. mom stopping by with a rock collection for the girls

*775. fresh, warm-from-the-oven bread

*776. hope for the future

*777. glorious 70 degree weather in February

*778. each day, a gift, with my children

*779. baby boy’s nap time

*780. quiet afternoon

*781.sunshine on a bowl of lemons

* 782. ice-cream with friends

*783. running side-by-side with my 8 and 6 year old


There is little exercise for faith when all things go well. But if God raises a storm, permits the enemy to send wave after wave, and seemingly stands aloof from our prayers, then, still to hang on and trust God, when we cannot trace him, this is the patience of the saints. -Matthew Henry