Kid’s Stats

We recently took 3 of the 4 kids for their well-check ups (Ellie got to go all by her self back in October). 7 shots later, we thought we needed to celebrate with some frozen yogurt! We continue to praise the Lord for His sustaining grace over our children and we are so thankful for their good health! Ash received the exciting news that she no longer is legally bound to a booster – though we will keep her in one the majority of time as it helps her to see out the window better and is generally “safer.”

For the baby records, here are baby boy’s stats (the girls all remain in the lower percentiles for their weight/height with Ellie being the closest to “average.” Ashtyn – 49 lbs, Jada 37 lbs and Ellie 30lbs) It’s so beautiful how our creator-God has made each child so unique!

Malachi’s 12 Month Stats:

Weight: 21.8 lbs (52nd %tile)

Height: 30 inches (43rd %tile)

Head:18.5 inches (71st %tile)