How to Fight Bitterness

Bitterness is something so destructive that, if we are not careful, we will find ourselves cold and wrecked and wondering how we got there. Sometimes it screams loud and other times it quietly does its’ work, eating away at our joy – stealing it like a thief in the night.

What do we do when we have been sinned against?

Pastor John Piper offers a simple plan for taking our bitterness to the One who became sin, so that sin might be no more:

1. Admit

I cannot get rid of this bitterness and that person is happily moving on with their life

2. Pray

-“God, I need your help! I want you to take away the rage and bitterness.”

3. Trust

-Romans 12:19 “Vengeance is mine, I will repay!”

-Justice will be done

-God will lift from you the suicidal load of vengeance and carry it to one of two places:

a.) The cross if that person repents

b.) To hell where they will be forever

God doesn’t need us to praise Him but He needs us to praise. What else keeps us from bitterness? A. Voskamp