Keepin’ It Real

It’s a beautiful thing to be called out by your own kids. Today – I received the great, hard, reality-check-of-a-blessing from a little 8 year old gal. As I was preparing lunch, she came in humbly – not in an arrogant, sassy pride (that we all are guilty of at times), but with this little sweet, respectful, sort of “un-sure” voice,

“Mama? I kind of have to talk to you about something. Umm….well, you know earlier when I was dressing up and you got mad about helping me? And you know the way you used that voice to tell me to find the clothes I needed to change back into? I didn’t…ummm….like the way your voice sounded.”

Right to the heart. Yup. And I scooped her 8 year old self up and wrapped her body near mine and said “Thank you for loving mommy enough to help her see her sin. I’m sorry, I was wrong. Will you forgive me?”

Beautiful, beautiful Gospel…(just keepin’ it real over here today).