Advent and Christmas


Over the years, our Christmas has changed – a growing in grace and steady plodding into a deeper understanding of what it means to live out our faith, deep and long and with joy. It has been so enjoyable this year to be free from some of our culture’s pressures, though they will always be present. And they change we’ve seen in our own hearts has been reflected in small glimpses in the hearts of our children as their joy becomes more and more authentic at the prospect of giving to and worshipping our Lord together.  We live in a time where we are fortunate to have a myriad of resources to choose from, but here are just some of the resources we have enjoyed to help keep this season meaningful:


1.  AdVent Conspiracy

2.  Piper Advent Calendar

3. Daily Advent Readings

4. A FREE Jesse Tree Devotional

5. A good read on helping our children to celebrate Jesus during Christmas

6. Another good one from last year

7. The Innkeeper, John Piper

8. Thinking About Santa, Noel Piper

9. Thoughts for parents and children who don’t do Santa

10. St. Nicholas and The King’s Christmas List – 2 great children’s books for Christmas