Husband DIY


I have been wanting to switch out our coffee table for a while now…with white sofa’s, a white coffee table was driving me crazy. So…we’ve seen all these cool ideas on pinterest on how to make a coffee table out of an old door. I love the rustic, natural, comfortable style we have flowing through our house, and I knew this would help to enhance that style even further. Only problem? I don’t use saws and I don’t make furniture. Enter husband. Sweet, sweet, husband – who does not consider himself a handy-man. But I just knew he had it in him. So I ever-so-kindly asked if he would attempt this project and he agreed! My brother gave us an old door, so this project cost us nothing. My man surprised me with his woodworking expertise and the table turned out amazing. I sanded it a bit (to try and keep splinters off of baby hands) and we left it as raw and un-touched as we could to keep the rustic feel. LOVE it!












I also hand-sketched the lettering of one of our favorite hymns which we now have hanging above our fireplace. What a sweet reminder…