Worry doesn’t get us anywhere. I’ll be the first to admit it. Our family has lived a very “adventurous” life – much against the grain of culture. We married in college, moved many times in order to pursue ministry, planted ourselves into a less-than-comfortable neighborhood,  raised support for many years in ministry, added 4 children to our quiver before we hit our 30’s. This is only to mention a few. So my tendency to worry has been great at times, to my regret. And then comes these sweet little babies who turn into little people, with big sinful hearts much like my own – and many more tendencies to worry about who they will become, how they will turn out, how we will afford them etc. etc. can come flooding in to rob me of the assurance that God, in all of His grand sovereignty, has ordained every second of our lives, and theirs. Enter trust. A place I pray that God will enable me to remain.

“Some women worry over real issues: health issues or spiritual issues or money issues or marriage issues or wisdom issues. But other women worry over what might be an issue in ten years. This is called borrowing trouble. It’s not pretty and it’s not cute.

Trust is lovely. Peace is beautiful. Cast your cares on Him for He cares for you..”

                                                              -Nancy Wilson

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