Sacred Ordinary

I’m so thankful for modern technology that allows me to document life though, at times, I am ruffled by the fact that what I document lacks flow: pictures of the kids here and there…recipes, maybe a couple of good resources I’ve come across, and occasionally some meditative writings or something I am learning in the present season I find myself in. Naturally enough, it seems that this life, this everyday living- is indeed resolutely beautiful as I live this life God has given me as a follower of Him – that, there can be no distinguishing between the sacred and the ordinary . The concept that all of life bleeds the sacred, and so often as I am reminded, that even in the wiping of noses or washing of dishes, there is a deep and abiding meaning and purpose. “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain…” If this is really true(and it is!) than Christ cannot be taken out of the snapshots and recipes and the meanderings outdoors for a bit of nature. They all ebb and flow magnificently together.

I just got done doing a little craft project with my precious 5 year old – we were cutting little scraps of fabric and placing them on top of an empty can. I couldn’t help but think that modge-podging bits of “random” fabric to cans and coating them with this almost “magical” glue (which turns it beautiful in the end!), was sort of like how all of the ordinary “scraps” of our life are beautifully sacred. And maybe we don’t see this until we are at the end of our lives. Or maybe we don’t see it ever – until the Lord calls us home. Or, maybe – just maybe, we are given a glimpse of it here and now as we start to see something beautiful form in the everyday hum.

(*Please kindly welcome the new and more fitting blog sub-title as I continue to document all of life.)