His Help-Meet


I wonder how this scenario would make you feel. You have been busy all day homeschooling, getting some laundry done, had an hour of cleaning, made all the meals, and now dinner is over. Your husband heads for his easy chair in the living room and kicks back with the newspaper, while you head to the kitchen to clean up after dinner.

Years ago, if this would happen at our house, it could cause me to “stew” all evening! I wasn’t close to having a meek and quiet spirit. Through subsequent years, the Lord began to teach me valuable lessons about being a help meet to my husband. Genesis 2:18 says, “And the Lord God said, It is not good for man to be alone; I will make a help meet for him.”

As our family grew, I had come to see my husband as my help meet. I wanted him to help with dinner cleanup in the evenings. I thought he should watch over the children while he was home. If he gave the children their baths some nights, I felt that was only fair. Certainly, his help putting the children to bed seemed like a necessity to me.

The Lord had to bring me to Genesis 2:18, repeatedly, as He gently led me in learning my role as a wife. I was the help meet. Steve was not my help meet.

My husband often lightens my load during the evening hours. He loves to spend those hours with the children. Many years ago, he took over the weekly grocery shopping so I could have an hour at home to myself. However, his doing these tasks did not come because of my complaining to him or nagging him to do them. Rather, they were an extension of his love for me and a physical way of demonstrating it.

Viewing myself as a help meet was greatly beneficial to my meek and quiet spirit. I was able to serve joyfully, even if my husband wasn’t working beside me. I no longer entertained expectations of what he should be doing when he was home with the children and me. In addition, it allowed me to be grateful for everything he did that I considered helpful in my realm.

{ “Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit” Teri Maxwell}

Dear reader, may you run far from yourself and seek to serve your husband, with grace, embracing your calling as a woman to be the helpmeet you were, in fact, created to be. When your days are long, our God is not so out of reach as you think He might be. He is able to strengthen and equip you with joy and endurance as you press deeper and longer into Him. Go on in courage today….