Christmas in July….


Kind of. I didn’t quite pull off the “Christmas in July” prep. that I like to tackle each year to help us to focus more on the true essence of Christmas when the season is upon us, but I have had fun with some simple gift ideas as the summer comes to a close.

As we dive deeper into the Charlotte Mason way of life, handicrafts have been on my mind. Ashtyn has asked to learn how to crocket. The only problem stopping us was that I had no idea how. So I learned. A sweet gal at our Church taught me and it was a delight to get to know her better – and to listen to her story as we sat and crocheted together. Now, Kevin has a warm, cozy scarf to sport this fall/winter season….and hopefully, our little eager gal will be tackling this new handicraft soon, upon her own liking.






I decided to make my own vanilla for Christmas gifts this year – instead of the mounds of baked goods (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) that are usually received, I thought this might be a welcome change. And, the best part is…that it’s the “gift that keeps giving.” Literally. Once this stuff has sit on a shelf for 3 months (which it is currently doing in our pantry), as one uses it, when a little vodka is added, the vanilla bean inside will keep producing vanilla. Brilliant!





The final product should look something like this…