On Blogging and Heat Waves

While I love to blog and write and capture snippets of life and document it here, there are many moments when I feel like putting it to the back burner. There is just something about putting yourself “out there” that makes people feel like they have the freedom to throw you fast balls or drop hints or whatever and frankly,  that is of utmost un-importance to me (this isn’t a secret blow to anyone, by the way, just verbalizing the natural “consequences” of being in the blogging world and exalting the truth of living an authentic Christian life).

My focus and intentions for blogging remain steady. And if it weren’t for my husband – and greatest fan who strongly suggests that I keep this thing going – I would be happily and privately blogging my little heart away. I do remain thankful, though, for the many kind friends in my life who have encouraged me along the way – indeed, a blessing I never expected! And I’m so grateful to be able to pass on great resources to others via something like a blog. Who would have ever thought?  And maybe, just maybe, if my children ever decide to take on the blogging spirit one day – they, too, will reap the same kindnesses. So, there ya have it…a little dose of honesty from an introverted gal who loves writing and documenting life but innocently prefers the simplicity of quiet, humble journaling. Nonetheless…I press on so that my children might one day have a stone of remembrance to look back on.

Living in the south in the summer is brutal. For a gal who grew up in the North East mountains, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to southern summers. And when you have 4 little ones in the mix, it takes being creative when it’s 105 with the humidity and heat index outside! Lately…we’ve been either soaking in a pool or staying indoors and counting our blessings to be able to have a luxury like air conditioning.

We’ve been reading. Lots and lots of reading…





And, daily, we are entertained by a fun, spunky little 2 year old…


Staying in-doors means there is always ample opportunity to play princess (in this case, Rapunzel) because with 3 little girls around, princesses are at the top of our list!


And, of course, there is a precious baby brother to be played with, kissed on, carried around and cuddled with!


I’ve also had a little time to craft with a fellow crafter during the kids nap/rest times…








There have also been lots of paper dolls to be played with, pages that have been colored and forts and tents that have been made as a result of being indoors. Mostly, it has been memory-making fun, with ample opportunity to direct little hearts to the Gospel when we all feel like we are getting on each other’s nerves! We have been doing a little bit of school as well so that when the weather cools off a bit, we can enjoy the outdoors while everyone else is sitting behind their desks. Ah, the beauty of homeschooling.