Keepers of the Home

When we go to God’s Holy scripture, we are reminded as home-makers to be keepers of the home. Single women – you are included in this too. The home is an atmosphere more than it is a place. It is meant to be a beautiful reflection of the warmth and love of Christ whether you live in an apartment that is rented or a house that is owned.

It is encouraging to know that our homes will look different. As women who are seeking to bring glory to our Maker through the atmosphere of our home, the talents, skills and gifts that have been given to us by the Lord will manifest themselves differently in the homes we seek to create for our families, the body of Christ and for those that do not know Him. Comparison and criticism have no room in the acknowledgement that our varying gifts will produce beautifully creative and different homes that can all point to the glory of Christ. Jennie Chancey, co-author of “Passionate Housewives Desperate for God“,” writes:

Your home is not going to look like mine, and mine is not going to look like yours. Even if both of us are faithfully and joyfully obeying God’s commands, the results are going to be marvelously different. This is how God grows the Body with its diversity of gifts and talents. With the gifts God bestows on each of us (large ones, small ones, amazing ones, humble ones), we can glorify God together as a Body joined to our Head, Christ.

So forget about trying to copy exactly that wonderfully talented mother you know in your church or community. By all means, be inspired by her and seek to imitate her as she imitates Christ, but don’t think you’ve got to do everything she does the way she does it in order to earn the “well done” of Christ. Take gifts the Lord has graciously given to you and your family and cultivate them together for His kingdom.

Fellow home-maker, may you be inspired by those great home-makers around you and humbly seek to practice the gifts God has bestowed in your life – whether great, or small to create homes that radiate the warmth of our magnificent Savior. And may your homes be open for others to see –  Gospel havens that create a hunger for Jesus, and a rest and encouragement for this weary world.