Dare to Care (about what you wear)



“Women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control.” 1 Timothy 2:9

Ever since I was a little girl (so I am told), I’ve always been a lover of fashion. I remember piecing together those 80’s outfits like it was nobody’s business. Now, as a grown woman, wife and mom, I still love fashion and have an appreciation for expressing my creativity through style. As a Christian, thisshould look very different from the way the world expresses themselves. I can remember several years ago, sitting in my little apartment in Louisville, Kentucky with a neighbor-friend of mine who was a very avid Muslim from the country of Jordan. She and I would often get our kids together for playdates while our husbands were in school and working a handful of part-time jobs to keep us fed. She wore complete covering with only a slit for her eyes when she was out in public. She would unveil her beautiful face if it was just she and I and the children. One day, we somehow got on the subject of why she dressed the way she did and why those Muslim rules were so strict. I remember her staring me straight in the face, very “innocent” and with respect and saying “Why wouldn’t I want to save my body for only my husband?” Although I think the Muslim law she was under isn’t Biblical, she had a point. Too many  Christian women dress in such a way so as to give away that which belongs to their husbands/future husbands. And even some, while married, continue to draw undue attention to themselves by the way they dress. They give up a precious gift for the world to see dis-regarding what God’s Word says about it.

I can remember nearly 13 years ago , while I was dating Kevin and home from college and living with my parents…I came downstairs in a “cute” outfit that was revealing of my shape. I will never forget my mom, who lovingly took me aside, and told me how beautiful I was with the body God gifted me with, and who encouraged me to  not fall to the lie that I had to win Kevin over with what I wore. She was right. And her wisdom helped me to think beyond just looking cute, to actually honoring the Lord and my future husband (and all other men out there for that matter) with what I wore.

Fashion must never come before honoring the Lord. Here are a few good questions from some of my living heroes that you can ask yourself when going through your wardrobe. May we be Godly, Christian women who are in this culture but not of it…


For my heart:

In choosing what clothes to wear, whose attention do I desire and whose approval do I crave? Am I seeking to please God or impress others?
Is what I wear consistent with biblical values of modesty, self-control and respectable apparel, or does my dress reveal an inordinate identification and fascination with sinful cultural values?
Who am I trying to identify with through my dress? Is the Word of God my standard or the latest fashion?
Does my clothing reveal an allegiance to the gospel or is there any contradiction between my profession of faith and my practice of godliness?
What do my clothes say about my heart?
For my wardrobe (adapted from Nancy DeMoss):

With my dress, am I guilty of…
…exposing intimate parts of the body?
…emphasizing private or alluring parts of the body?